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Come Together director, Charles Unger’s first feature film, Mr. Lucke

Come Together actually came before Mr. Lucke. ¬†I wrote an early draft of Come Together right after my first script, another college-age, sexy comedy. ¬†My third script was Mr. Lucke. ¬†Since it was the most “camera-ready” we decided to make that film first. ¬†It’s been a long and winding road since then. ¬†I finished MR. LUCKE over TEN years ago and it’s finally getting some official recognition and on-line distribution. ¬†This extensive article goes into depth about not just my film but what it takes to make a film with limited resources. ¬†However, we got “lucky” with our casting choices. ¬†Check out Jerri Manthey BEFORE she was a SURVIVOR STAR or a PLAYBOY COVER MODEL. Thanks to all of my cast, my crew, Renderyard and Indiewire for keeping independent filmmaking alive! ¬†Check out Indiewire article here:

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