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Rogue Cinema Reviews Come Together

The most recent review of our sexy comedy comes from Rogue Cinema. It’s the most in depth one we’ve received yet. However, it’s not all roses, which is fine, I appreciate their honesty. Seriously, if it was only compliments, I’d start to worry, ha! Plus, I wouldn’t learn much from a review that was afraid to be fair. As a writer/director, I’m always open to constructive feedback and this review showed a wide range of likes and dislikes. It’s refreshing to hear a reviewer go into detail about the characters and their relationships with each other. In addition, the review breaks down all aspects of the film, from costumes, set design, cinematography, acting and directing. Here’s a quote; “The film itself is technically proficient and shows that as a director, Charles Unger is definitely headed in the right direction.” To read the entire review click HERE.

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