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RollinSD.Com Features Come Together Actress, Marisa Sullivan

RollinSD has previously featured Vanessa Gomez, who plays “Angelina” and now they’re featuring Marisa Sullivan, who plays “Susan” in the sexy comedy, Come Together. Here’s a quote from Marisa; “The role playing scene where we did the ‘Groupie/Rock Star’ over the top campy craziness was my favorite. We were all dying laughing. As an over the top person, I am often told to tone it down….but for that scene, it was go big or go home! We got the green light to just shout out the most ridiculous things we could think of. It was hilarious.” To see the entire interview and photos click HERE.

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In addition to doing a great synopsis and interview with Come Together Director Charles Unger, interviewed Vanessa Gomez, who plays “Angelina” in the sexy comedy feature film. Here’s a quote from Vanessa; “Shooting “Come Together” was so much fun it’s hard to pick a favorite scene. However, if I have to choose, I would say my favorite was the dancing sequence. We blasted the music, got to shaken our behinds and let loose. This scene included all of the cast members and we improved the moves and reactions. I even got to “slap” David Stamps character Eric when he tried to grab some tail.” Check out the entire interview with some new photos HERE.

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