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Come Together’s Producer’s Meet Tom Sizemore at Comic-Con

Paula and I were introduced to Tom Sizemore by our DVD distributors at Comic-Con last weekend.  The first thing I said was how big a fan I was of his film work.  I mean Heat is one of my favorite movies of all-time and I even quote some of his lines in that film with co-stars Robert DeNiro and Val Kilmer.  Of course, I also like Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers.  Tom was very friendly and funny.  We never stopped laughing and we also got a few laughs from Tom Sizemore as well.  He was very professional and asked for a copy of my second feature, Come Together on DVD.  I was thrilled that someone of his stature would look at our sexy comedy.  I got the feeling that he admired us for making an independent, low-budget film, with a lot of creativity and passion.  I also congratulated him on the film he was promoting, The Grind.  Indican Pictures is distributing both The Grind and Come Together. For more information on Come Together, check out our website.  Thanks again Tom Sizemore for making us feel like movie stars!

Come Together Producers and Tom Sizemore at Comic-Con 2010

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